Alpine glaciers: Another decade of loss

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客人评论Mauri Pelto (Nichols College)

Preliminary data reported from the reference glaciers of the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) in 2018 from Argentina,Austria,中国法国意大利,哈萨克斯坦吉尔吉斯斯坦尼泊尔,挪威Russia,Sweden,Switzerland and United States indicate that 2018 will be the 30th consecutive year of significant negative annual balance (> -200mm);with a mean balance of -1247 mm for the 25 reporting reference glaciers,只有一个冰川报告了正的质量平衡(WGMS)2018).

太平洋西北部高山冰川如何适应更广泛的生态系统(Megan Pelto,Jill Pelto)



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The climate system is complex,对其状态的完整描述需要大量的数据。然而,it is possible to keep track of its conditions through summary statistics.

There are some nice resources which give an overview of a number for climate indicators.一些例子包括美国宇航The Climate Reality Project.

最常见的指标是大气背景一氧化碳。2浓度,the global mean temperature,全球平均海平面,以及有雪或北极海冰的地区。Other indicators include rainfall statistics,干旱指数,or other hydrological aspects.这个美国环保署提供了一些示例。

One challenge has been that the state of the hydrological cycle is not as easily summarised by one single index in the same way as the global mean temperature or the global mean sea level height.然而,乔吉等人。(2011)suggested a measure of hydro-climatic intensity (HY-INT) which is an integrated metric that captures the precipitation intensity as well as dry spell length.

还有代表气候更极端方面的全球指数数据集,称为CLIMDEX,providing a list of 27 core climate extremes indices (so-called the ‘ETCCDI' indices,指的是CCL/CLIVAR/J命令Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices').





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Joanna Walters将极端天气事件与最近的文章监护人,然而,在过去的讨论中,对这种联系有一些保留意见。betway体育手机版

For example,我们在邮报上讨论了单次风暴与全球变暖之间的联系。Hurricanes and Global Warming – Is there a connection?,这个世界气象组织(wmo)已发表声明,and Mike has recently explained the connection in监护人.


New report: Climate change,2016年欧洲的影响和脆弱性

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另一份气候报告出炉了——有什么新消息?Many of the previous reports have presented updated status on the climate and familiar topics such as temperature,降水量,冰,snow,风,and storm activities.

最新报告Climate change,2016年欧洲的影响和脆弱性European Environment Agency(EEA)还包括对hail,通常与闪电有关的天气现象EASAC 2013年报告也包括冰雹)。

通常,关于冰雹的信息不多,betway体育手机版but that is improving.Still,the jury is still out when it comes to hail and climate change:



Another fingerprint

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When my kids were younger,他们问我为什么海洋是蓝色的。我会回答说海洋反映了蓝天。然而,我不会再想了,betway体育手机版尽管众所周知,海洋是大气水分最重要的来源。它们对许多类型的内部变化也起着重要作用,such as the厄尔尼诺南部振荡.现在一项新的研究杜拉克等。(2012)has been published inSciencethat presents the relationship between the oceans and the atmosphere.



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