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A bimonthly open thread on climate solutions and policies.如果你想讨论气候科学,please use theUnforced Variations thread相反。

Forced Responses: Feb 2019

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A bimonthly thread on societal responses to climate change.Note that there is anotheropen threadfor climate science topics.请坚持细节而不是关于道德的争论,betway体育手机版politics or morality in general.


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Guest commentary from Eric Guilyardi (IPSL) and Valérie Masson-Delmotte (IPSL/IPCC)


In recent weeks in France,there has been a profusion of articles betway体育手机版about the"climate scientist blues"(12月21日《世界报》,JDD 9/DECFrance Info 26/Sep),which has apparently affecting them "scientifically".此前,美国和澳大利亚媒体发表了大量类似文章。(士绅,2015; 月刊2018; Sierra Club Magazine,2018).But what is the point of knowing the mood of scientists,或者是乐观还是悲观?


IPCC Special Report on 1.5ºC

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Responding to climate change is far more like a marathon than a sprint.

IPCC 1.5℃特别报告(#SR15) has been released:



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这条线是讨论气候解决方案的双月开放线。A good starting point might be thisclear description from Glen Peters关于保持在2℃以下的可行性。请坚持实质性的观点,不要攻击其他评论者(与他们的观点相反)。The open thread for climate science issues ishere.


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Open thread for climate policy and responses.

Forced Responses: May 2018

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双月刊的主题是气候解决方案,缓解和适应。Please keep this focused.

Forced responses: Mar 2018

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This month's open thread on responses to climate change (politics,adaptation,缓解等)。请关注整个主题。对共产主义/封建社会/无政府主义乌托邦的性质和历史的离题是不可能的,也不会发表。Thanks.The open thread for climate science topics ishere.


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这是讨论气候解决方案的一种新的开放思路,缓解和适应。一如既往,请尊重其他评论员,尽量避免用重复来表达你的观点。Discussions related to the physical Earth System should be on theUnforced Variationsthreads.


为了适应未来的变化,你需要了解什么样的气候?betway体育手机版This question was discussed in a European workshop onCopernicusclimate services during a 必威官网heatwave in Barcelona,Spain (June 12-14).